Easy Dog Fleece Jackets
With Actual-Size Patterns!

Harry's Fleece Jacket

Here you can find how to make a dog jacket - the fleece jacket that Harry was wearing in Saas-Fee, Switzerland in Harry's World Journeys. Harry's master made Harry's ski-wear out of her old fleece jacket's sleeves. It came out pretty nicely. And the old jacket was reborn as Harry's master's new ski vest!

How to Make a Dog Fleece Jacket

If your dog's body-length is about 30cm (12"), neck-circumference is 23-25cm (9-10"), chest-circumference is 37-39cm (14-15"), then this fleece jacket would fit your dog perfectly well. The patterns in actual size can be downloaded in PDF from below.

Materials: Fleece, bias Tape, hook-and-loop fastener (Velcro) and thread
Pattern 1 (Back-Panel)
Pattern 2 (Under-Panel)
Download and print out the above files in A4 (or US Letter-Size) papers. Make two copies of the Pattern 1.
Just as in the photo left, connect the two pieces of the Pattern 1 in the middle with Cellophane tape (Scotch tape).

You actually need only one copy of the Pattern 2, as the left Under-Panel and the right Under-Panel are exactly symmetical. However if you print two pieces and connect them to the Back-Panel, you can easily check whether the patterns would really fit your dog or not.

Cut out the fleece in the shape of the Back-Panel (x1) and the Under-Panels (x2). Make sure that the right Under-Panel and the left Under-Panel are symmetical to each other.

Note: Harry's master cut out the patterns from the sleeves of her old fleece jacket.

Sew together the Part A of the Back and the Under-Panel.
Then sew together the Part B of the Back and the Under-Panel.
Attach bias tape around the hem and the leg openings.
Attach hook-and-loop fastener (Velcro) to the Part C of the Under-Panels. Loop parts should come on the top.

Perfect Fit

Harry wears this fleece jacket to keep his body warm while playing outside in the winter. The jacket should fit Harry perfectly. Otherwise he won't be able to move freely. Also the Under-Panel should be made short emough to prevent it from getting wet with pee.
Harry's master cut out numerous patterns until she could finally achieve the "Perfect Fit". The fleece jacket does not have as much elasticity as Easy Dog Sweaters. If your dog is larger or smaller than Harry, you may need to adjust the patterns. However, once you have made your "Perfect Fit" patterns, you can make many more different dog jackets or shirts from it.
For example, this jacket which Harry was wearing in Fasnacht in Saas-Fee, Switzerland in Harry's World Journeys was made from the same patterns.
And this T-shirt which Harry was wearing in Harry's Handmade Carry Bag was also made from the same patterns. Only a slight change was made to the Under-Panel; the right Under-Panel and the left Under-Panel was connected in the middle and made into one-piece.


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